The Royal Insurance Building, Liverpool

Found this place with OneByOne, Yuck & AT. The ground floor has a long central hallway, with an art deco ceiling, the other floors are slightly bare but the rooftop and tower are by far the best!

The Royal Insurance Building, Dale Street was built during a six year period from 1897 to 1903 by Architect J Francis Doyle and is a Grade 2 listed building. Proposals to turn the building into a hotel were put forward but is un-sold, the property has planning permission for a hotel.

Hopefully I’ll get a chance to return, as I write this our entrance had sadly been sealed up.

Just as we were about to leave this place we had a wander around the basement. As myself and OneByOne turned to leave we could see a silhouette stood at the exit and we stopped dead in our tracks. We spent 10 minutes sat in the pitch black until we decided to just go for it and leave. The same thing always runs through your head, ‘police?!’ but it turned out to be a guy taking a leak, HA.

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