Midland Bank Building (HSBC) ,Manchester

Visited with OneByOne.
The Midland Bank building on King Street, Manchester, was designed by Edwin Lutyens in 1928. Built 1933-5 and the building is a grade II* listed building. On the 6th of June 2008 the King Street branch closed its doors as a bank for the very last time as HSBC relocated their Manchester branch.
It is unknown what the building will be used for, but exploring seems like a good use to me.
After a long time waiting to get in, we were finally in and the place was massive, it’s quite unique, I’ve never been anywhere like this before. After taking a look around the ground floor, and the cashiers desks we decided to head down stairs to the safety deposit boxes and after wandering around for a bit we finally found them.

After we were done with the safety deposit boxes we went to see what was on the higher floors as we made our way to the roof. Shame to say there wasn’t much one the upper floors, but the views from the roof  made up for that. We started making our way back to the entrance, got lost on the way out, had a bit of a cliché bank job exit and then jumped in the car!


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