10 thoughts on “BBC Media City, The Heart Apartments

  1. Hi, I'm Tom, I'm the News Editor at SalfordOnline.com (tom@salfordonline.com) I'd like to get your permission to republish these pictures on SalfordOnline. Unfortunately we can't offer you any money, but we will give full credit and links back here, and don't hesistate to use SalfordOnline to promote this amazing work.


  2. That is bloody classic – we have an editor of a publication (on-line or whatever) asking permission to publish the images!!!

    Tom – just jump over the fence old son. Come on!!!



  3. Hi there,

    I am currently doing some development research for a documentary about urban exploration. I would love to talk to you about the sort of places that you have been, why you do it and what you have planned in future. I am aware that a number of people within the urban exploration community are nervous of speaking to journalists but i can assure you that anything that you tell me will be traeted confidentially unless you state otherwise. I work for a large and well respected independent TV production company called Lion. Feel free to check out our website to see what sort of programmes we make http://www.liontv.com/london/home

    I would be extremely grateful if you could get in touch. I can be contacted on 020 8846 2118 or jessica.gomez@liontv.co.uk

    Many thanks,



  4. Big, Im part of a group of photographers called Raggaphoto and we do long exposure Light graffiti around Manchester, our website is http://www.raggaphoto.co.uk, ive noticed youve done bits of light graffiti but id like to do some work with you , mixing our work with ures, coz the places you go and the shots you get are nice, get in touch if you like the work, if not fair play an good luck.

    Kyle Saxton


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