Five Ways Tower & ITV, Birmingham

After spending some time with the Birmingham rooftoppers back in September 2009 we made a return trip to catch up with the guys.

Above photo; Myself, Rookie, Appo, Sui, Heightlover, Mr Altitude, Jonny Concrete & Smithy.
First on the list was Five Ways Tower which we headed up previously but we only grabbed a couple of photographs due to time constraints. An eight way conversation was in full blast going up the stairs so I don’t think anyone had a clue what was going on.
Built in 1979 and standing at 249ft with 23 storey’s, Five Ways Tower is one of the larger rooftops based in the heart of Birmingham city center close to the ‘Five Ways’ roundabout.
Half an hour later we headed off to ITV Central/Central Independent Television. Central televison inherited the ATV Broad Street studios in the early 1970’s which was then renamed to Central House which was in use up until 1996. Home to Crossroads, Tiswas, Price is Right and Bullseye;
It’s a shame that it was stripped bare inside but it gives good views for such a small building. It was even better when Sui went on his arse on the roof. The final rooftop we hit up was Snobs Nightclub but we spent more time climbing around than taking any good photographs;
Big thanks to everyone who was out!

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