The Peninsula, Manchester

With a total height 109ft and being north of the city centre the rooftop provided brilliant views. We came across this whilst looking at other buildings we were interested in, after some clever thinking we were up top.
Shortly after this last picture in the toilets our luck changed (gotta check the loos out haven’t ya). We entered a large office room, the lights came on from a sensor and a security guard got up from where he had been sitting around a corner.

‘What are you doing?’

‘Taking pictures’ Rookie announced, we just carried on taking shots while he watched us. I whispered to Rookie that we should be leaving and set for the door. Not sure why we took some photographs of a desk but we did…

We headed over to the guard and walked to the lifts, had a chat about if he got bored sat up there in the dark and does the lift work cause we had to walk up 20 flights of stairs.
Once in the lift Rookie explained that we were students and had spoken to a site manager about taking the photographs.

Next thing he said shocked us slightly – ‘I will take you to the site manager he is on the second floor’

We ended up at the site managers door with Rookie explaining that he had both emailed and rang about our visit, the guy said he knew nothing about it but as we said we were leaving now it would be fine. The guard then showed us out through a rear exit with Rookie talking about how he had ‘lost his bearings’ in regards to the front door that we had never been through anyway.
He opened the gate and we walked free. Shouts to Rookie for his first class blagging ability. Next time I won’t bother with buildings that close to being finished!

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