Rylands & Sons Warehouse (Debenhams), Manchester

After some banter on another rooftop and JimmyHalfway pretending to be scared of escalators we hit this rooftop up along with the top floor, one of the domes and a few of the small corridors leading this way and that.

The Rylands Building which is now a grade two listed building was designed by Harry S. Fairhurst and construction to completion was over a 3 year time period (1929-1932).

This building was one of the last Manchester cotton warehouses to be built, Along with its ‘Modern for its time’ style it was and still is a fantastic looking building.

The history for this building is pretty scarce but its worth noting the massive radio mast that was once on the roof. The base is still intact sitting above seven floors with three/four of these used by Debenhams.

In the 1950’s the warehouse was converted to a department store for Paulden’s whose own store, close to The Manchester School of Art had been destroyed by fire.

Paulden’s had been taken over by Debenhams in 1928 and the top floors have remained the same way since.


2 thoughts on “Rylands & Sons Warehouse (Debenhams), Manchester

  1. I used to work here from 1979. I discovered the roof – out of bounds to staff. Used to sunbathe in my lunch breaks. Did bit of fornication as well! Good times. Best of times. Nobody else knew there was anything up there. I had a job as a goods lift operator, so got to go all the way, in more ways than one…


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