RAF Croft, Warrington

After seeing all of the photographs from this place I wanted my own of the 1960’s Rover left to rot.

RAF Croft was originally built as a Naval Training Centre called HMS Gosling. Commissioned on the 1st July 1942 they had facilities to train Air Fitters, Air Mechanics, Radio Mechanics, and Royal Marine Trainee’s. RAF Croft became tenanted by the USAF in 1955 to provide a processing point for personnel and dependants at the Burtonwood site.

4 thoughts on “RAF Croft, Warrington

  1. Hi there,

    Nice shots! – I’ve mooched about the place on numerous occasions and think it’s great for urban/derelict shots.

    Sadly though, it’s quite difficult to get into nowadays without having a confrontation with the adjacent farmer. I attempted another shoot there last weekend but couldn’t gain entry.

    Somebody has placed high fencing to right of the main yellow gates preventing access – You could of course tackle the main gates themselves, but I didn’t fancy the barbed wire ripping me to bits.

    Anybody planning a trip there should take notice – especially if they are travelling any distance?

    Paul (Zoopography)


  2. Thanks for the update Paul, we had a good hour or so in this place. Shame really as it was always good for newer people coming into the game for access & photographs.


  3. sadly however this place has been demolished for a housing estate, another part of our heritage has gone forever


  4. If its the place I think it is, I knew as a kid when I lived on the Eaves Brow estate. In those days a few of my mates used to cycle up a path by the side of 1 of the buildings. 1 was crammed with old us army vehicles. In those less law abiding days my older brother & I tried to work out a way of liberating the lot.


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