NGTE Pyestock, Fleet

This explore started with a phone call and me running to the met station to meet up with Sho & Millhouse.

After what seemed like 30 mins in the car we sorted our kit out ready to jump into the darkness. Various fences later, large pipes loomed ahead in the darkness, warned about the security patrols we jumped, rolled, ran and crouched our way through the site to our desired place to kip.

After a five hour sleep and waking up countless times because of the security patrols, pigeons and random sketchy noises Millhouse gave us the best tour we could have asked for around the site. When you see the flashing lights on top of a 110 defender your face gets mashed into whatever shite lies on the surface of the ground and you try your best to impersonate a pancake with a 30L rucksack stuck to your back.


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