Kinmel Hall, North Wales

Waking up to someone singing is quite funny, especially when you have been asleep in the same building for the past five hours and it’s not the explorers who you are with. 

The BBC said it was meant to be minus numbers rolling out on the weather forecast but I was quite warm fully dressed inside my beat old sleeping bag.


7 thoughts on “Kinmel Hall, North Wales

  1. ^^ We were really lucky on this one mate. After mooching around Grywch Castle we decide to take a butchers at Kinmel. Believe it or not the front door was wide open lol. Talk about dangling a carrot.
    But as soon as we came out the security guard appeared. He never said a word just looked at us and carried on walking lol.
    It's a beautiful building with stunning architecture.


  2. hi i was bought up in this building,, if you wannt to sneak in again,, please ring me ,,, ema 07712467223


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