Parisian Inspiration, Blackpool Tower

A pair of unbalanced characters had climbed this back in 2009, their efforts did not go unnoticed as the local newspapers and media spread the word. Over two years on we accomplished the tower climb by touching the flagpole at the very top, although our accent, much easier than theirs.
The inspiration to build the tower had come from the Blackpool Mayor; John Bickerstaffe in 1889, he had visited Paris and was overwhelmed by what could be achieved, the wheels were set in motion for its planning and construction. I’d visited the tower back in 1998 when the glass floor had first been put in place, 13 years on and I was sat underneath it trying to get a decent photograph.
Her mix of metalwork and layers of paint slowly fade away as the sea air continues inland, it was one of the best for me and I will not be forgetting it this one any time soon.



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