St. Joseph’s Seminary, Upholland

It started at someone’s gaff, thinking of what lies ahead. Sure it’ll be sketchy and the route in isn’t the best but you still want the rewards.
Out of the rain Rookie climbs. You need to trust Sho because he’s stopping you from falling, no problems. Roll out the sleeping bag, trying to catch a few but all of the doors keep slamming.

Rise to the voices of others, explorers? security? It’s the police, but not for you. The Alsatians and Springers are ready for a day of work. Do you leave or stay, it’s cat and mouse inside the building. Just stay out of the way inside the dark corners.
The day passes, fourteen hours infact. You run across the wet grass. No one has been collared, you’re just high on the achievement but don’t forget your starving. Millhouse;

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