Severalls & Harold Wood Hospital, Part Three

Running on steam from the previous two nights we drove out to Essex for a look at these two.

As we didn’t have anywhere to sleep the night before we ended up parking the car next to a field and getting in our sleeping bags on the grass. It felt like five minutes had past as I woke to the sun staring me in the face, my skin plastered to the inside of my bag with sweat.

We drove to Chelmsford to meet with some weird characters. A bloke outside the Salvation Army was trying to sit on his head, a woman in McDonalds kept spitting on the floor and whispering to herself and the manager looked inbred. This was too much to work out at 8am.

We rejoined with Dicky and AndyB and told stories about the night before, this place was a bitch to get into as you don’t want to snip anything tender off when you’re climbing the fences.

Severalls Hospital opened back in May 1913 and housed upto 2000 patients, it’s a grail for many explorers and mental health gurus alike as its layout is the Echelon plan. A hospital designed with interlinking walkways, wards, offices and various other buildings as for a safer environment and insuring that staff would never have to leave to go other sections.

Like many of the hospitals across the country this one bore down into it’s patients with the electro-convulsive therapy and frontal lobotomy, with some of those experimented on being permanently incapacitated.

After a decent poke about we managed to find our route back outside for us to near enough run right into security, luckily Nick spotted em not a second too late.

We said our final farewells to Dicky and Andrew, those guys helped us out massively. We owe you big time!

This was our last stop before home, Harold Wood hospital morgue. It wasn’t too hard to get into, the only downside was the weather.

We drove home pretty knackered, I’d only had about ten hours sleep over the entire weekend…

4 thoughts on “Severalls & Harold Wood Hospital, Part Three

  1. Some of the best shots yet. Faves are the 1 of the corridor and the 1 of the morgue. Like that you're doing more description now too. See ya.


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