Huntsman Tioxide, Grimsby

The explore was fairly different from the one of Del Boy and Rodney’s in the 1985 Christmas special of OFAH to Hull and Back. The boys get stitched into diamond smuggling for Boycie and Abdul but the deal turns sour when Del gets locked in the trailer of Denzil’s lorry. They end up in Hull and have to call in Uncle Albert who follows the ferry to Zeebrugge.
The bent copper Slater intervenes with the deal in Amsterdam and takes the diamonds for himself, just as he goes to leave he is tricked by his fellow officers and gets swiftly moved to British nick.

Anyway, this place is Huntsman Tioxide.
After smashing it over the hills with Millhouse and Nick we arrived here quite early. We hid the car behind some trees and a spot of the fear was beginning to show, once the razor wire was passed along with some hefty sprints across no mans land we were soon covered head to toe in pigment bi-product.
From what we had read there were frequent patrols within in the site both on foot with dogs but also in vehicles. To be honest for the whole time that we spent in/around the site we didn’t see or hear a single soul.
Huntsman is a large scale global company, incorporating a Pigments Division which specializes in the manufacture of titanium dioxide (TiO2) – under the brand name Tioxide. The pigments are designed to add brightness, whiteness and opacity to thousands of consumer products; from household decorative paints and industrial coatings on ocean liners, cars and steel-framed buildings, to computer housing, sporting equipment, printing inks and cosmetics. Huntsman Tioxide has been producing titanium dioxide for over 75 years.
The Grimsby plant was closed due to it being the companies oldest and least economical plant, combined with the economic downturn at the time.

This below is Rank Hovis. It’s pretty knackered and is nothing of interest when you had a morning like we did, none the less we had a poke about. After watching the rain roll in from the rooftop we headed back down with Nick & Millhouse thinking that the shadows were axe wielding pikeys.


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