Co-Operative Headquarters Build, Manchester

The way into this site is an odd one, you’re that close to a camera it wouldn’t surprise me if it knew your eye colour. When we climbed the cranes it was pretty dead.
It not a particularly tall building we soon reached the giant steel arches sat on the rooftop and got to work getting some photos and climbing the endless scaffolding sections and arches.
Manchester has housed the Co-op group since 1863 and in 2013 will celebrate 150 years here, they have 8 buildings across the city with the most noticeable being the CIS tower.

Before building could commence extensive digging was carried out as the site was a former work horse in the city packed with steam mills and slum type housing, Friedrich Engels has extensively written about this. I remember the cranes slowly being erected on the site, the process was severely late as remains of a young woman were found wrapped in a large beer poster on the site, the era of the clothing found suggests the burial was before the 1980’s.
Again this stuff was on 35mm and one or two shots were through FB’s 11-16 Tokina.

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