Camden Catacombs, London

After last minute plans for a trip to London we filled the car with gear and headed out. Different plans circulated with this being one of them, after all we had packed a single person dingy and some oars. After being shouted at by a little girl for hiding down a pit of rubbish while blowing up the dingy Fishbrain and Millhouse finally set sail – rather sketchily too.
A few dingy trips later brought us to these arches pictured above, the place is pretty vast considering that some of it is bricked up. Everyone got their desired photos and began to pack up,  this is when the new raft idea came about.
We found a huge piece of polystyrene that looked like it would float with three of us on it. We launched it and got cracking on trying to reach the centre of the Regents Canal. A successful docking got us onto dry land with the dingy being used to return our faithful raft back to it’s original spot. 

Oh and this stuff fuels me to navigate Britain’s waterways, G.

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