Inverkip Power Station, Inverclyde

Yo! Yeah, so I havent abandoned this or anything I’ve just been mega busy. I guess it was a few months back now that myself, Millhouse, Sho, NickUK, HiddenShadow, Tweek, Fishbrain and DrHowser completed the mission of a drive up to Inverclyde for this!
As far as Inverkip goes, it has always been unreachable or we’ve done something else instead. Tales of explorers being arrested and spending hours in the nick circulated in the van, but the doubtfulness was gone from everyone’s minds when HS fell out of his car on the ice.
Inverkip power station was completed in 1971 at a cost of £200 million. Other oil fired powerstations were proposed, but today it remains the only oil fired powerstation constructed. The original plans boasted a powerstation able to produce around 2500MWs of power, to me and you. Fucking loads. This originated from three 676mw Parsons Turbo Alternators, each ‘turbine’ has its own allocated boiler which fits up with everything else inside the place, large and when you look at things slight OTT.
In 1973 an oil crises was declared, it turns out that some countries didn’t really like the U.S supplying the Israeli military and set out to hike up the prices of oil worldwide. From 1973 till the mid 1980’s Inverkip was never really pushed in terms of power and what it could produce.
It was short lived and 1988 saw the end of Inverkip, it was officially declared as a strategic reserve. From 1988 to the present day the place received no further use, although maintained in a mothballed state.

After arriving in the dead of night and sneaking about for hours we arrived inside the control room piss wet through. A short sleep ensued and we woke up to this mammoth photographed above. The day was spent dodging each others shots and chilling out covered in oil & filth. 
Later on in the afternoon we were all sat down, pretty restless and wanting to head out. This leads me to the photo below, the chimney. After browsing the net at home, we found out that the chimney is non-accessible or so we thought. After a short discussion myself and Fishbrain headed out into open space surrounding the chimney, no luck, we re-assecced and managed to
worm our way into the base via another route.
Photo; Fishbrain

After climbing for what felt like forever we sat at the top, 778ft above Scotland. One of the best views I’ve seen in a long time!

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