Conwy Suspension & Rail Bridges, North Wales

As I’ve said previously my trip to see Rookie was pretty overdue, I picked him up and this is what we explored. If you come here in the daylight you’ll probably get your arse handed to you by a 220 Voyager.

We also nipped to the top of Telford’s creation that runs parallel.

‘Conwy Suspension Bridge, was one of the first road suspension bridges in the world. Located in the medieval town of Conwy in Conwy county borough, North Wales, it is now only passable on foot. The bridge is now in the care of the National Trust. It originally carried the A55 road.

Built by Thomas Telford, the bridge is a suspension bridge spanning the River Conwy next to Conwy Castle, a World Heritage Site. The bridge was completed in 1826 and replaced the ferry at the same point. Telford matched the bridge’s supporting towers with the castle’s turrets. It is in the same style as one of Telford’s other bridges, the Menai Suspension Bridge crossing the Menai Strait’

It was about 10 months ago, again with Rookie and Aos that we ran up this little swine, the Menai Suspension Bridge (Below).

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