London Road Firestation Part Two, Manchester

Less than two months ago I was inside this place on my own, this time however I was in good company; Morse, Fishbrain, Tweek, Sho, Stacey, Dr Howser, NickUK, HiddenShadow and Oldskool.

I’d said last time hopefully one day it won’t be so tight and we can checkout the whole place slightly better’ but I think I’d been doubting the buildings access on my own, I think you breathe more courage when you’re with others.

Photo: Morse

The creepin’ commenced, broad daylight on a sunny afternoon, ducking and driving from the afternoon traffic and anyone else who was looking.

Photo: Morse

Doors were unlocked and we met with the rest of the guys. Bit silly if you ask me, a city centre explore with 10 of you. Everyone loves a challenge.

Photo: HiddenShadow

Everyone was pretty relaxed until the police chopper flew overhead.

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