The Works Drain, Manchester

It was about two years back when we first explored this, JG ran from rats, US bailed from big spiders while I got covered in shit.

I returned with the exploring legend Jimmy to get a better set this time around. I was more interested in getting photos whereas Jimmy was having invisible battles with spiders, dirty water, drain shrimp and other general filth.
The Works Drain is made up nearly entirely of brick piping ranging around the 7/8ft mark. The drain features some spray crete sections, a half blocked split, various manhole entrances, a big straicase and the P37 penstock and manual controls. The drain is a Combined Sewer Overflow (CSO) that spills out into the River Irk, the Works is the big brother of SSSI drain further
We both had fat wader breach on the way out, not because of the depth of the water but rather the amount of holes we’ve collected over the years, time for a new pair of waders I reckon.

We hopped out, emptied the waders, received texts hoping we hadn’t been washed away and set about on the long walk home talking about the last time we were in this area!

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