Bank Bottom Mill, Colne Valley

At first glance I thought Bank Bottom Mills weren’t very interesting, I talked with Tweek some weeks after and told him how my evaluation of the site was now the complete opposite.

My first visit consisted of seeing practically nothing and in the dead of night, however I must thank FB for his persistence in the chase of the woolen mills hidden fruit.
As far as I know the place is owned along with many others in Marsden by some mobster farmers or some rubbish, I’d keep your eyes peeled for solid gold John Deere’s with shotty’s hanging out of the windows.
Production here started in the late 1800’s and finally ended in 2003 holding the title of one of the largest cloth producing mills in the world. Spread of 55,000+ square yards the mills contained forty-three sets of carding machines and had over 600 looms in production.
Photo: Fishbrain
Photo: HiddenShadow
It’s been a long time since I’ve been on a proper old industry derp so thanks to everyone involved!

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