Gaping Gill/Ghyll, Yorkshire

Time came for BPC to hold there annual winch meet at Gaping Gill. After getting in from some whack club in town myself and Nick rose at 8am and went to pick Morse up, a long drive ensued with a cheeky 30 minute walk to the winch.

After writing down our death details we were given dogtags and told to wait in line, or rather in a beer tent which was only for club members. Weak eh.


Gaping Gill/Ghyll is a natural cave in North Yorkshire and is situated on the southern side of Ingleborough. The Fell Beck follows directly towards GG and then falls 344ft/105 meters deep underground.


The first successful decent was in 1895 and was made by Édouard-Alfred Martel, the cave has various entrances such as; Disappointment Pot, Stream Passage Pot, Bar Pot, Hensler’s Pot, Corky’s Pot and Flood Entrance Pot.


I pretty much rinsed that stuff from wiki but if you’re looking for more intense reading I suggest Gaping Gill – 150 years of exploration, Howard M. Beck.

A good day was had by all and I’d recommend the meet/winch to anyone. Thanks to the BPC, their safety and knowledge is second to none. They have also committed a lot of their time to helping those less able to visit the cave, so huge respect. Shouts to AndyJ for the map!

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