NGTE Pyestock, Fleet

It’s a ‘proper adventure’ Pyestock. Two years ago I had never visited, on the car ride from Manchester tales were shared about close shaves with security and the sheer size of the place. 

Moving through the forest the huge fences loom ahead, those things always look taller every time I come back. Out of the darkness the buildings appear and your head flicks in to an unexplainable consciousness ~ who’d have thought the human brain would train itself to listen out for a land rover engine. 

Weaving through the pipes, the whole experience feels very cat & mouse like, patrols seem frequent along with the ever impending chance of bumping into a bloke with a bag of copper. Being my third visit we kipped inside the Airhouse, to find out that a couple of other explorers who we met later in the morning had been watching us sleep, weird. Within five minutes of being awake Nick was in the kitchen cooking up some fatty sausage butties, legend.

Last time I visited my DLSR met it’s unfortunate end so this time I returned with my 35mm camera, hoping for it not to happen again as well a chance to catch a different view of the old place. Teamed with Millhouse, Persil, NickUK and Hidden we covered a large portion of the site which included cell three, cell four, airhouse, number nine exhauster, number ten exhauster, the computer building, monk’s tunnel, cell three control room, battlehouse, powerstation and the admiralty test house.

This site built ford fiesta engines and shut down because the workers ran out of biscuits in 2002.

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