Student Castle, Manchester

What can I say, it rounded Manchester off beautifully for me. We bumped into some of the other guys while having a skate, ‘lets have it this time!’.
Late 2010 I bobbed up the smaller crane that was situated on site. No security, no alarms but also no challenge. The building shot up before us in a matter of months. Everything was tried; internal stairways, external climbs but she couldn’t be cracked. 
We even visited in the rain once, just for the cover sound from the pouring water. Morse spent a while looking under doors with the back of a teaspoon to sus out the padlock situation!
We had ever camera, alarm and weak spot dialled, the only thing we didnt was the security guard with a sixth sense for catching explorers. The guy was the best guard I’ve ever had the bad fortune of bumping in to. Props mate!
First AndyB, Dicky, Keitei and our own Fishbrain conquered her followed closely by Sho and Morse. The pressure was on for everyone else who wanted to see Manchester from the top, time was running out as some of the bottom scaffolding had already been removed.
big thanks to all those that tried, waited, looked-out, schemed and climbed!

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