Beelitz Heilstätten, Germany

After meeting up with Chris & Bekky in Berlin we rode the train down to this place. After hopping off we walked around a pretty much desolate town with nobody around and not many cars passing by. Some proper village of the damned shit.

Navigating from building to building I think we saw a lot however I couldnt really tell you, the place looked the same wherever we went. It’s not like here in the UK, when old buildings are full of pill heads and used johnnies, the place had good graffiti and is surrounded by thick forest.


Designed and erected in 1898 the place was originally designed as a sanatorium by the Berlin workers health insurance company, however the first world war brought it’s use to that of a military hospital. In late 1916, Adolf Hitler himself spent some time at the hospital after injury while at the battle of the Somme.


In 1945 Beelitz and all of it’s buildings were occupied by soviet forces which remained in use till 1995. Following a soviet withdrawal the site was in the process of being privatized however this was not successful, five years on much of site was closed down.


Most of that stuff is again rinsed from wiki, check The Phantom Sanatorium: Beelitz Heilstatten, Catherine Lupton for more! I do know however that some of the site does remain live, peering out of the windows in some of the buildings I could see some elderly folk whizzing around in wheelchairs.

All shot on Fuji Reala 100.

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