Bridgewater Paper Mill Water Tower, Ellesmere Port

While the Pentax has gone away for repair I’m back on 35mm. It’s something that’s hard to master but it’s a belter if you do.

I’ve always wanted to climb this tower, largely irrelevant to most of you but I love em. Old towers always come with snippets of history and the climb is always a laugh, check a few;
Bowater’s as it was originally named first started production early in the 1930’s, with such success the business continued to grow. However with the war efforts in full swing the mill sat on the back burner until it received newer more modernised machines as well as this water tower.

Up until the 1970’s production throughout the mill and the local area seemed rather strong but after some of the older machinery was shut down employees began to loose their jobs. Since then the mill has been steadily declining up until closure in 2010.

As of 2012 the mill itself is long gone, just a pile of rubble. Back when the site had shut down Bigjobs had explored the place and ended up in some bother with ‘port police’. Few photographs are actually posted inside the place but if you wish to view them, take a look at DHL’s report on 28DL. Rest in peace big man.

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