Solicitor & Bunker Drains, North West

Solicitor drain is a part of the Eaves Brook, originally explored in 2008 by j3bu and FSB. 


It’s features are similar to those within Manchester drains; 6-8ft RBP, 5ft RCP, couple of collapse prevention pieces and a small section with formations hanging from the roof.


Explored this one with NickUK, we pretty much walked the entire length but it gets fairly silty at the outfall.


Ya’ll know Bunker drain over in Warrington, it was originally explored quite a few years back by Oggy and Drainrat.


Bunker has a sweet plughole, a large staircase and numerous others bits along with a couple of junctions, 8/9ft RCP and the legendary sump that empties out into the MSC.


After a message was dropped a meet was formed, got a couple of flicks from that, even zipped down the plug myself.


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