Eurotrance, Part One

After some rainy rides home from working in Manchester I needed to get back on it, after a few texts with Nick, Ell and MD I ended up on a flight to Germany a few days later.

All photos were taken with Kodak Gold 200 & 400 film except for one or two on a digital compact.
After a blast down the autobahn we crashed at Pierre & Becci’s and ate pretty damn well, much love guys ♥. While at Pierre’s we met both Andy’s, Phil and James and the next day headed out to Zeche P, at least I think that’s what it’s called.

After a headstock climb and a chat with a couple of German explorers we parted ways for a McDonalds and the sat nav took us through the forest to another Zeche, fuck knows which one, had a sick buggy out front.
After a drive further south we chilled in an old court house, it’s staircase/entrance was beautiful. Work is currently commencing for a shopping centre/flats style arcade I think, some tramp was loving his cheap beers on the steps outside!

After some biggg burgers in BK we headed to Cologne and climbed the rail bridge. There was copius amounts of bird shit and we even had a cheeky run in with the cops.
After a cheeky blip down to Lidl we went to Powerstation BR?! That place was pretty cool with its chequerboard windows and it’s un-trashed vibe.

Keep close for part 2!

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