Eurotrance, Part Two

Another long drive commenced but this time into the Netherlands for a fairly cold night sleeping in a mine, eating funny tasting pasta and Nick making everything smell terrible.

When you wake up in a mine it’s just complete darkness, I thought I’d died.

We headed back to Belgium for the university!
From then on we spent quite a while in Liege, finding an active train yard while searching for a decent spot to have our dinner. After creeping around like dicks we got talking to the drivers, the workers posed for us in photographs and a fucking legend kept blasting his horn for us!

Noodle feasting happened and then we proceeded to HF6 so that I could completely turn every piece of clothing I had, black.

Back for more fast food we decided what was next on the cards and drove so that we could kip in IM. After hearing it was sealed we went for a look first and then had to traipse all the way back to the car for the gear.

As we had a bit of time to kill he headed over to the SNCB yard but to tbf is slighty bare, we packed the car once more, jumped out at the airport and kipped in some sort of roundabout until we could board.
Thick black gloop made its way down my plughole when I returned home, mega. 

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