The Catacombs of Paris, France

I have wanted to visit the catacombs in Paris for quite a few years, it always looked immense in other peoples photographs. Luckily in mid February a message buzzed about and as always a big crew rolled in ending up with 14 of us heading underground. Top snap; tweek.
After arriving into the city late evening we disappeared through the sand crawl, meeting up with the rest of the guys in La Plage. After some hard gabba shaking the dusty walls we set off in search for somewhere to kip, arriving at the Lantern Room. KB/Sho pretty much ran the world from there on and my roll mat slowly deflated itself as the night progressed.
It’s worth noting than when you’re underground for a long period of time you have no sense of time. You end up going to bed in the early hours as a result of having no idea when the sun rises or when it falls. Not like it matters.
photo; tweek.
We spent most of the next day crawling about and drinking copious amounts of water. In no particular order we headed through Ossuary Crossroad, The Roundabout, The Fallen Pillar, Chandelier Room, Cristal Staircase, The Avenue du Maine Crawl, Montparnasse Shelter and finally 
Flag Room.


photo; millhouse.

Shouts ~ Millhouse, Hidden, Shocktactics, Bigjobs, Fishbrain, Sho, Dr. Howser, MortalDecay, Suboffender, Vikki, Tweek, Keeley & Marcelle!

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