Lancaster Moor Hospital, Lancashire

We tried this a long time ago, got collared looking for a way in and then Jimmy told the security guard that ‘we don’t have the internet’.
Finished in 1816 the Lancaster County Mental Hospital housed many patients, with wide variations in regard to their mental health and state. Although many suffered from various mental health issues you could be submitted to the hospital for such things as being homeless, jobless or just for the fact that you were unable or had an ‘inability‘ to conform to regular life.
As the Beveridge Report rolled by in 1942, the five giants or evils were addressed and the formation of the NHS in 1948 changed the overall type of the hospital. It not only housed those with mental health problems but also geriatrics as well as specialized units being set up in the areas of; Orthopaedics, Neurosurgery, General Surgery & an Eye unit.
After hearing that the place was due to be stripped and with contractors already on site, myself, Millhouse and MortalDecay went to have a wander. After dodging 15+ contractor vans we weaved our way through the hospital trying our best to avoid the workmen. On the way out we passed a few, with a few words spoken it was fairly chilled.

I also bobbed back to GM for a derp or two.

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