The Renfe & Metro, Barcelona

Ryanair are something else, we purchased some £12 flights and buzzed over to Spain. 
I’ve watched countless videos of the writers down here, they all carry huge bars and look fucking menacing, there isn’t much they haven’t graced with cans. We met with the man with an ever increasing encyclopaedic knowledge of the system, Nckt & his girlfriend J and headed under!
The above photograph is from a station that was finished in the late 60’s, however it was never opened and remains passenger-less. The metro had already been running for forty years prior to this completion with the system now covering vast areas on ten different lines.
This ^^, is the Renfe system. An old platform sits to the right, with lines on both the left hand side, the right hand side and also running dead centre. A different type of train is carried on these rails, reaching speeds of up to 180mph when above ground and not really letting off for the underground.
For the short time we visited we managed to square some sections off, chilled in both the rain & the sun and always preferred the overheads. Shouts to Agour for coming with me and massive props to Nckt!

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