Croix-Rouge Metro Station, Paris

For myself and many others these are the first steps into the Parisian metro exploring. With DrHowser, MortalDecay and Fishbrain I headed down to Paris, arriving after a long time sat in the car.

Like I’ve said above, I was pretty fresh to this, especially the sprints down the line. You plan your run in between trains coming towards you and trains following you, if you get it right and run like Linford you’ll be fine.

‘Croix-Rouge was the first terminus on line 10 of the Paris metro system, with its first services in 1923. It closed in early September 1939, with the French entry into WW2, the CMP networks staff were mobilized and because of its proximity to other stations was never re-opened after the conflict’.

Whilst at your chosen hiding place, you need to sit it out until the next service thunders past. If this happens you’ve succeeded. It’s highly unlikely they’ll run a train after your sorry arse has run down the tracks. 
Stay tuned for Arsenal!

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