Cumberland House, Birmingham

Near enough four years ago this week, a few messages were exchanged on the boards and we drove down to B’ham. We met up with Heightlover, MrAltitude & Smithy and popped a few rooftops, the last one, Cumberland House.
The place was used for police dog training and most of the year was empty. The route in was epic and the route out involved sliding down a tall ass lamppost, you had to sneak past a nightclub smoking area, that had some biggg bouncers that spotted us and kept shouting ‘Yo!’ into the darkness, looking back they were probably flapping worse than us.
Now I’ve been back to the city a few times and have always stared into its blank windows thinking about what might happen to the place. This time however, I saw red neon signs with ‘Hampton by Hilton’ up top.
I hooked back up with OneByOne, a rooftop master, who I first did it with back in 2009 and within 30 mins of eyeing the old girl up we were sat on the roof. Oh, the top flick and ones at the very bottom are his from his flash 6D!
These below; the first was a photo taken in 2009. The second, we tried to replicate it in 2013 and the last one was the apartment building we found so that we could sleep at the top of the stairs!

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