Mail Rail, London

Quite a while ago now I sat hunched in front of my laptop, reading through visits down here and spotting the odd photo now and again. To be honest I didn’t really know what to think.
I treated this like any other, the busted up building, awaiting a buyer for transformation into apartments, uni gaffs or office buildings. However getting into the place was no mean feat, it was like a wacky warehouse; ladders, chutes, stairs, the lot.
Myself, Hidden, Bigjobs, Fishbrain & Millhouse were having quite a successful weekend and had a look at the old girl on a whim. 
There is nuff historical waffle online without me adding to it, so if you’re looking for some proper in depth accounts check these out, here & here.
We wandered the tracks, with a slight idea of direction thanks to the handy wall mounted maps. A few left and rights brought us deep down into the miniature system, a great build especially for unmanned postal trains.
photo; millhouse
After a cheeky time check we decided it was time to see the morning sun, our faces covered in black dust, smiles lighting up as we landed on to a busy London street.
photo; analepsis
Two guys closer to the scene at the time, Sho and Analepsis hit her up the next night with similar success, unfortunately other heads went for her golden fruits some time later but the place had changed hands!
photo; fishbrain


One thought on “Mail Rail, London

  1. “some time later” = the night after sho and analepsis. open for 48 hours. just goes to show how legendary this initial mission was. i tip my stetson to ya.


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