Chatsworth House & GMEX, Manchester

It’s been a while since I’ve roamed the streets of town, the SNC base and favourite playground. 
Up top is Jess the lioness, on Chatsworth House.
It’s a cracking little roof and bang in the centre, shouts to Skudge on this one!
Over to GMEX, the former station. In 2010 myself and Rookie eyed the ladder up around the back. Now I’d forgotten about this and it had fallen into that long ‘to do’ list, luckily I spoke to Tweek and the guys went to check things out. They came back with a beauty of a climb which makes the explore worthwhile…
The lads had cracked a mean route up to the top, holding on to the iron rails that cover the roof, we clambered our way over the icey coverings. Doing some funny looking slip and slides, the top arrived without too much flapping.

Over to Vivian Westwood for that hella rooftop scramble and lamppost dance, all on my oly mju with superia 800…

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