Gigawatt, Diesel Farm & BW Powerstations, Belgium

Let me ease you in, this is Gigawatt power station, it goes by loads of cool european names but nobody really cares about em.


At one time it was Belgium’s largest thermal power station, opening in the 1960’s and closing down in 2012, leaving behind a playground of cooling towers, turbines and anything else you can think of.


Next on the list is Diesel Farm, I don’t really know anything about this place apart from its fun to get into. You can turn all the lights on which is handy and the computers are still fired up in the control room. I found a couple of slides in one of the rooms of the station being kitted up, so I scanned em through!


6 & 7.

After not really deciding where to sleep we drove to Brussels and spent most of the night hiding from worker trains in the metro and looking suspect walking along platforms in the closed metro. On a plus side, the Palais de Justice is a nice place to sleep when it’s damn cold outside.

Just before we headed home on the eurotunnel, we took a peek inside this place, I’m not sure what to call it, I just know everything was turned on!



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