The TBM/Trafford Storm Relief, Manchester

First off, the top photo is of me, but Tweek snapped it.


After a photograph of the innards of a meaty looking tunnel boring machine winged its way to my computer screen, I jumped in the car with my accomplices and ended up in Trafford. Now Trafford the area or at least the name has a reputation in the football world but that’s boring stuff, so I’ll breeze past that.

I met up with Tweek and Lauren down by the Hilton hotel, drove the short distance and after a few minutes of trudging around in the mud we were peering down into a massive concrete hole. Luckily for us the stairs were still rigged and with an aluminium clang our feet landed at the bottom. 


With the bright lights on full power there isn’t anywhere to hide, not like you would need too I guess. If someone was to look down into the huge mouth, they would spot three small figures being swallowed by the concrete bowels.




The mini tracks run mini trains and the TBM runs Windows XP.


For giant Spanish TBM’s click here, but if your interest is more in the way of the miniature trains and miniature tunnels then click here.


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