Cains Brewery, Liverpool

My first encounter with Cains was a few years ago sat in The Pilgrim. After sitting on an old isca selle saddle that refused to soften up after thirty years a rest stop was earned and this is where we ended up. ‘What doesn’t taste awful… and is cheap’ someone said, Cains.

On a complete off chance we were in Liverpool and parked close by, in a now up and coming area full of bars and restaurants. A while ago many of the firms sold up, so warehouse space became cheaply available, some art types even built a fullpipe inside one of the warehouses that I managed to damage myself on quite a few times.

After many mergers and take overs Cains finally bowed its head and closed up shop in 2013, discussions are taking place for a tourism, retail and leisure hub at the site.

I haven’t spied too many photographs of the stanhope street site online, the place has undergone a major strip down since 2011 however if you wish to check out some more photographs follow the link to these pair – Speed Clebby.


Shouts to fish for dressing up in the Cains crew gear and tasting some of that old ass beer that was lying around!

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