The Alpini Routes, Italy


I ain’t updated here for a while, so you can have some snaps from the dolomites. Last year we dipped our feet, this year we followed the routes from start to finish, spent a lot of time in hammocks and the odd night in a mountain refuge.

During the Italian Front from mid 1915 the mountain warfare or Alpini troops fought at high altitude and in freezing conditions across the alps. As the conflict was in such a difficult area both Italian and Austrian forces built huts, emplacements, lookouts and aided routes for the troops crossing and fighting in the mountains.

In the 1930’s the Club Alpino Italiano set out to restore many of the routes and huts described above as these were abandoned after the war. The ropes were replaced with steel cable and wooden pegs with metal pegs, providing some of the via ferrata routes that you can climb today.

After doing some diggin’ last year we picked a couple of routes to follow and jumped on a cheap ryanair flight to Bergamo.


After a couple of pizzas and a wash in lake garda we were sorted. Everything you can see here was shot on 100 speed Ektar. Shouts to Andrew, Cathy, Maniac, Jimmy, Amy, Bigjobs and Hils!

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