Paddy’s Wigwam/Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral

Liverpool has always been my favourite city to explore, I’ve always liked the birds and it aint half bad for a skate either. I started out down on the docks with Rookie, Appo, Sui, OBO, Niall, AT & Joe climbing into buildings and up the sides of anything we could. The first raid was back in 2009 when 8 of us climbed up that mad curved ladder in the middle of the day at Tate & Lyle.

Since then I’ve taken on the metro, collected a handful of towers and skated the tallest building but she always offers more to the right client. This one was always on that list – there were an older set of snaps from Snappel and SL, the story of how Fish hit the deck trying to master the slopes and finally a couple of the SNC lads flying contraception over the top to aid them in a successful climb.

Armed with a couple of ideas we set off and before we knew it we were stood inside that cone like crown at the top, sweating and talking about when the first service of the day starts.

‘See ya later laa’

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