North Sea Producer/Dagmar Maersk, Middlesbrough


This thing was massive. I’ve only ever messed around on a passenger ferry and the odd frigate, the next one will have to be something special to better this.


Converted to a floating production, storage and offloading vessel in 1997 the North Sea Producer is currently floating next to Middlesbrough F.C. Built in 1983 the NSP’s original name was the Dagmar Maersk and I’m sure you’ve got time for the odd fact – 99,800t deadweight, accomodates 73 crew and is 700ft long. With the rising cost of oil and the cost of operating something of this size, I’m sure this will lead to her demise.


After 9 of us tried our best to creep around Redcar, which somehow we managed with out getting mega caught. We returned to M’boro twice for this mammoth, eventually getting on board on our second visit. fb wanted engines and I wanted photographs of the flame tower so you’ll find those below. I’m not sure what Nick wanted, he just got stuck in the seatbelt on the lifeboat and tried to paddle his way out.


Shouts to fb, Bigjobs and Nick.

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