Hong Kong Styles

Took a bit of doing, but I got to HK. Fish went last year on a stopover, giving me the push to book the flights. In the end 11 of us met up and we didn’t stop for five mins.

Everything’s here for ya – rooftops, drains, metro and even decrepit walls & towers.

Most of the hipsters don’t touch metro unless they’re in Paris, it was pretty nice to get involved with a fresh system. Not to say that its untouched, DrH has been smashing existing and future metro projects – keep ya eyes peeled here for new developments.

The storm drain systems are huge as you might have guessed. Felt like the first drains I did – shorts or rolled up kex and bare feet!

Not forgetting big big rooftops. Climbing 40+ flights is tough at home, different game here. Melting.

After leaving HK we grabbed a connection to Beijing, spending a few days in the manic streets and climbing about on the great wall.

Shouts to DrH, he’s doing HK as it should be done. Thanks to the lot of ya!

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