Longbridge MG Rover Plant, Birmingham


When I was a kid a Rover was the sort of car some old person nipped to the shops in or the car of choice for the local nonce with a bag of sweets in his beige 400.


I had seen a few photographs of LB last year and had missed the op for checking out Ford’s offering down south, I think someone was nicking stuff whilst we were there as we kept seeing people in dark jackets legging it through the shadows.



Car building here started in 1906 with the Austin 25-30, in both world wars the plant played its part and produced ammunition, aeroplanes, engines and trucks.

After WW2 Austin merged with Morris, combined with British Motor Corporation and then ended up as British Leyland in 1968. Early on the conglomerate ran tight on funds but after an expansion on the site they introduced the Austin Metro, a car I only ever saw burnt out at the bottom of ditches.


Car production ceased in September 2016, leaving a stack of these MG 3’s around that I presume haven’t yet been sold. Click here to see inside the plant and what happens when robots just get off.

Cheers to the lads – fish, hidden, jobs and nick!

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