Royal Mail Copperas Hill to Lime Street Tunnel, Liverpool

CNV00023 copy 6

Like a few of the sites in Liverpool in 2011 me and OBO were looking for somewhere to skate – chains to hippy jump or some big banks to carve on longboards. See below for the carwash, excuse the quality. We were in the building about 30 seconds and set off a louddd alarm, A+.

Six long years later I rode the train into town, face glued to the window as standard (see here for what we found when we did that last time) and spotted that the Copperas Hill depot was getting demolished, see Kev’s quality report on DP’s for more snaps.

CNV00022 copy 2

Have a look at the post on DJC Design, David managed to gain access to the building in 2012 when it was getting prepped for the biennial. We didn’t see casper or hear anything other than rail workers.

The tunnel was used to transport the mail down to Lime Street station. It dropped just below track level, passed through the tunnel and was loaded on to a train – this operation has now been moved to Warrington, see below.


DJC Design – ‘he went on to suggest that the tunnel linking Copperas Hill and Lime Street train station was haunted. Many new members of staff were sent down the tunnel and came back reporting all sorts of strange noises and events’

CNV00019 copy 5

CNV00021 copy 4


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