Snakes and Ladders, Llanberis

top day with fish and nick, I’ll caption ’em.

fish looking towards the camera and the tunnel from Dali’s Hole. the tunnel in the photograph leads to California and the chain climb below.

after the chain climb and hauling the rucksacks up, its an abseil off the tree on the other side of the tunnel.

after reaching the bottom, its off towards a pile of boulders at the entrance of the tunnel leading to Australia, squeeze your head through lad.

up the first few sets of ladders for the day.

heading towards the edge of The Lost World and down, up the ladders and over to Mordor. the ladders to the left have a few rungs missing and are fairly overgrown, this is the way out. spot Nick on the other ladders in Mordor, bagging it on the sketchy ladder near the waterfall!

the old railway line that has melted. err, out.

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